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History…What does that word really mean?


Where & What is the Middle East Today?


Historical Myths and Historical Facts The Israeli-Palestinian Story


How does the governance of the UN and its decision making bodies affect its independance


Deficiencies in the Internal Structure of the UN affecting its Independency


Palestine Through History


The Berber-Muslim Cooperation

  The Enlightenment Era, Antisemitism and the Fall of Muslim Spain
  Jerusalem Massacres by the Crusades - The Curse of the Ifidel

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Questions such as why human beings were created, and why certain events occur as opposed to others, and why someone had to die and not another, can not be answered by the human mind in and of itself. A simple reason is the fact that human beings are not even able to uncover the mysteries of their own brain! The human mind is only able to identify existing rules, which Allah has put in nature, and use them to come up with new connections. That is why Allah,

  the One and Only Perfect Creator of the universe, has sent messengers, Prophets (peace be upon them all) since the beginning of time, from among the best of human beings, to guide human beings…

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uk.youtube.com /watch?v=_0pi5mEIG2w

hazmanaziz.com /2008/07/13/empire-of- faith- islam

Is Terrorism a Muslim Monopoly?

When the Muslims Ruled Europe

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict :

A man who lived in Israel - how the Arab Israelis are living
The apartheid of Israel, the 5 classes of citizens
Rabbis speaking about the history of Israel (starting at  min 3:07)
Jewish Palestinian, in Arabic with English subtitles (from 1:40 - talking about Jews and Arabs living together)

George Galloway about History of Formation of the Zionist state (part2)

Online Articles

Resources on Islamic History

The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain

When the Moors Ruled in Europe

The Islamic Empire

A basic history of Zionism
A basic synposis of Palastenian-Israeli history:
Origins of Arab Israeili conflict - pdf
Prof. Ilan Pappe, (Haifa Univ.) on the Israel-Palestine conflict
Avigail Abarbanel's web site - former Israeli  
Palestine Remembered :

    * http://www.palestineremembered.com/ZionistFAQ.html
    * http://www.palestineremembered.com/Acre/Palestine-Remembered/Story725.html
The Electronic “Intifada”   
The End of Occupation

“We are Wide Awake”