Is Wise Enough to be Inspired from Divine Guidance

Balanced Heart and Mind
Seeks Useful Knowledge
Adds Value through Nurturing Talents
Balanced Materialism and Spirituality
Works Hard Yet Never Forgets Family Obligations

Realizes that His Freedom is Bound by Responsibility of Preserving Others

Is Internally Balanced and Doesn't Act on Mere Impulses

Cares to Serve and Help Others for No Personal Return

Lives a Purpose-Driven Life

Prioritizes Duties and Directions in Life

Avoids Profane Talk

Lives with Love

Neither Weakens nor Sorrows nor Despairs

Manages Time by Focusing on Fundamentals

Learns from Past Mistakes

Lives the Now and Builds the Future

Has Inner Peace through Contentment and Spirituality

Personifies the Best of Morals

Has a Sound Heart

Questions such as why human beings were created, and why certain events occur as opposed to others, and why someone had to die and not another, can not be answered by the human mind in and of itself. A simple reason is the fact that human beings are not even able to uncover the mysteries of their own brain! The human mind is only able to identify existing rules, which Allah has put in nature, and use them to come up with new connections. That is why Allah,

  the One and Only Perfect Creator of the universe, has sent messengers, Prophets (peace be upon them all) since the beginning of time, from among the best of human beings, to guide human beings…

Leadership is a trait of great men and women who are, through internal motivation, well able to exert positive influence on their communities and leave a mark in the human world. This mark transcends the boundaries of space and time. Leaders possess traits of heart and mind that make them stand out in the crowd. They are able to balance their rights and obligations, their hearts and minds, and their constraints and capabilities. They are like a strong-rooted tree that uses divine guidance to produce more and more fruit...

Inner peace will only be achieved if you know the reason for your creation…

This section ‘Wisdom Jewels' is meant to share insights that would enlighten our souls and minds. We are living in a world full of temptations and seditions. Without the good company, which is meant to remind us that Allah SWT plans for our good, is essential.


A Muslim is always keen to lead a balanced life in the light of Divine guidance [ Shari'a ].

This balance is not limited to the Muslim's duty towards his fellow brothers and sisters in Islam; rather it encompasses his relation with people of different faiths. This is achieved through finding a common word between us and the other—i.e. peaceful coexistence.
A "Balanced Muslim" is considered like a mirror through which all sublime morals and teachings of Islam are reflected.
  In our newly launched section, we present a number of articles authored by His Eminence Grand Mufti of Egypt Dr. Ali Gomaa, which address our balanced topic.
  Q: Why do I feel bored most of the time??
  A : Boredom reflects an internal void. It reflects a lack of direction in life. In every heart, there is a place which only the Creator can fill. When you know that this life is not in vain, when you believe that this world has a Mighty yet Loving Creator,