Questions such as why human beings were created, and why certain events occur as opposed to others, and why someone had to die and not another, can not be answered by the human mind in and of itself. A simple reason is the fact that human beings are not even able to uncover the mysteries of their own brain! The human mind is only able to identify existing rules, which Allah has put in nature, and use them to come up with new connections. That is why Allah,

  the One and Only Perfect Creator of the universe, has sent messengers, Prophets (peace be upon them all) since the beginning of time, from among the best of human beings, to guide human beings…

The Balanced Leader project aims at presenting how Islam as a whole way of life transforms the personality into an internally balanced and happy one, perfectly fulfilling roles and responsibilities, exhibiting leadership traits, and influencing surrounding others to the betterment of humanity.


Issues related to true happiness and a parallelism between positive psychology and Islam is presented in the Psychology and Islam section.


Due to our firm belief also in the importance of presenting the true history of Islamic societies, we have supported the website with an accurate presentation of historical facts (and historical myths) in the world today through our History Speaks section.


The Holy Quran section includes interesting definitions and introductions related to the Holy book.


Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the best exemplary figure of a balanced leader. The section titled The Message and the Messenger highlights this from various perspectives.


Wise words from famous intellectuals are presented in the Wisdom Jewels section, essentially because the Balanced Leader is also characterized by true wisdom.


Important knowledge of other areas were selected and presented in the Resources section.


The Balanced Leader project also provides an online counseling service that is both confidential and free of charge. E-mail us any psychological problems you're facing and we will be happy to get back to you with advice and solutions. Sample questions are presented in our Q&A section.